1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  1. 09:30 - 09:40 (10 minutes)

    Chair’s opening remarks

    Cathy Osborn, Director, Housing Consultancy, Savills

    Hall 5

  2. 09:40 - 10:10 (30 minutes)

    Offsite construction, asset management and maintenance

    Tony Woods, Technical Manager, LHC

    Hall 5

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    • Can offsite construction of new homes solve public sector housing problems?
    • Exploring the life cycle performance of off-site constructed buildings
    • The asset management and maintenance challenges and opportunities presented by modern methods of construction (MMC)
    • Understanding the safety implications of building homes in new ways

    • Will factory finished standards lead to lower levels of maintenance and repairs?
    • Exploring the specific maintenance issues with each of the different methodologies
  3. 10:10 - 11:10 (1 hour)

    Realising the power of big data in housing to inform your investment cycles

    John Bowker, Director of Property Services, Liverpool Mutual Homes
    Amanda O’Donnell, Senior Asset Manager, Liverpool Mutual Homes
    Mary-Kathryn Rallings Adams, Deputy Chief Executive, HACT

    Hall 5

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    • Delivering a step change in operations - embedding IT and analytics at the core of your business
    • Aggregating the data you hold to understand your tenants and deliver tailored services
    • Gathering data to determine whether the frequency of responsive repairs is linked to the planned maintenance investment cycle
    • Achieving savings through a data-driven review of your maintenance investment cycle
    • Utilising predictive analytics to plan and deliver asset management and maintenance
    • Panoramic portfolio management: more information, more perspectives, better outcomes
  4. 11:10 - 11:40 (30 minutes)

    Refreshments and networking in the Housing Exhibition

    Housing Exhibition

  5. 11:40 - 12:40 (1 hour)

    Innovation showcase - digital transformation of asset management and maintenance

    Nick Atkin, Group Chief Executive, Halton Housing Trust
    Julie Leo, Director of Customer Experience, Bromford

    Hall 5

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    • Shifting to on-line self-serve and digital by default to reduce transaction costs
    • Delivering savings through workforce mobility and agile working
    • Exploring the business case for sensors
    • How condition based reporting can increase property lifecycles and achieve savings
    • Realising the benefits of smart appliances and the Internet of Things to drive down maintenance costs
    • Exploring the Smart Home and what this will mean for landlords
  6. 12:40 - 13:40 (1 hour)

    Lunch and networking in the Housing Exhibition

    Housing Exhibition

  7. 13:40 - 14:30 (50 minutes)

    Exploring how asset management teams can become enablers


    Chloe McLaren Webb, Policy Leader, National Housing Federation
    Jeremy Kape, Property Director, Anchor Group
    Julie Leo, Director of Customer Experience, Bromford

    Hall 5

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    Following short presentations around the topics below delegates will break into groups to share their experiences and discuss solutions to specific challenges, before feeding back to the conference for group action planning.

    • Integrating change in asset management and maintenance with wider business transformation – what role can you play?
    • Understanding the role that asset managers can play in raising the bar around quality and standards
    • Preparing for and mitigating the impact of changes in the labour market on repairs and maintenance
    • The Decent Homes Standard – does it still add value and is a standard based on components still useful?
    • Creating a vision for the house of 2050 - what will people need from their home and how will they need to be maintained?
  8. 14:30 - 15:10 (40 minutes)

    Exploring new models for the delivery of maintenance and repairs

    Patrick Chauvin, Head of Neighborhood Planning, Clarion Housing Group
    James Shaw, Director of Property Services, Hyde Group
    Ian Gregg, Executive Director of Asset Services, Riverside Group

    Hall 5

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    • The Hyde Quality Standard - giving residents choice when their homes are modernised and saving money in the process
    • Riverside’s new approach to asset management
    • Establishing a proactive and pre-emptive approach to maintenance
    • Using a patch based holistic model for repairs teams
    • How to shift from reactive to pre-emptive asset management?
    • Creating a new approach to neighbourhood planning
  9. 15:10 - 15:40 (30 minutes)

    Refreshments and networking in the Housing Exhibition

    Housing Exhibition

  10. 15:15 - 16:00 (45 minutes)

    Creating our future

    Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Department for Communities and Local Government
    David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation

    Hall 1

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    • Opportunity, ambition and purpose.
    • Creating ideas to change the world.
    • Investing in future skills and talent.
    • Managing your assets efficiently and effecitvely and delivering a high quality service to customers.
    • What is the future of rent setting?
    • Addressing sector wide identity issues – what kind of businesses do we really want to be?
  11. 16:15 - 16:15 (1 second)

    Close of conference